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Purevpn Test

Enjoy Complete Online Security. Remain Anonymous & Protected! Get access to any website. PureVPN ist ein in Hongkong ansässiger VPN Anbieter, der bereits seit am Markt ist und heute knapp Mitarbeiter beschäftigt. Ob das stimmt, prüfen wir im Testbericht. PureVPN im Test. PureVPN. Redaktionswertung 7,3 Leserwertungen.

PureVPN im Test: Was kann das VPN aus Hongkong?

Finde hier den besten VPN für dich. Wir haben die besten von verglichen und getestet. Unser Test zeigt: PureVPN macht einiges richtig, patzt aber bei den Speed-Tests. Für das Angebot spricht auf jeden Fall der riesige Serverpark. Zeit, dass sich jemand wieder aufs Wesentliche besinnt, und die "pure VPN-​Erfahrung" bietet. Ob PureVPN der richtige Kandidat für diesen Job ist, verrät unser.

Purevpn Test Privacy and logging Video

PureVPN Speed Test June 2020

Purevpn Test
Purevpn Test

Dazu findet sich in der Software eine spezielle Filesharing-Kategorie. Das gilt dann, wenn eine Störung auf dem Verbindungsweg, nicht aber an Start oder Ziel eurer Verbindungsanfrage vorliegt.

Bevor ihr bei etwaigen Verbindungsproblemen allerdings in einen VPN investiert, solltet ihr anhand unserer aktuellen Störungsmeldungen überprüfen, ob der Fehler nicht vielleicht doch bei eurem Internetprovider oder beim Zielserver liegt.

Wer möchte, blockiert darüber hinaus Webseiten - etwa im Rahmen einer Kindersicherung. Je nach Situation soll ein passendes Nutzerprofil verfügbar sein.

Je nach Auswahl wird die Verbindung zu variierenden Servern hergestellt. Entsprechende Werte variieren je nach Profil. Die Anwendung setzt diese Funktionen flüssig um.

Verfügbare Staaten sind hier alphabetisch gelistet. Wer jedoch einzelne Städte anwählen möchte, muss den Umweg über eine unzuverlässig nach Ping sortierte Liste gehen, eine alphabetische oder zugehörigen Staaten untergeordnete Auflistung verfügbarer Städte fehlt.

There's a small compensation in PureVPN's 7-day trial. There is also a day money-back guarantee for the regular commercial plans, which is more generous than many.

PureVPN's refund policy used to include some sneaky conditions where you wouldn't get your money back if you'd connected more than times, or used more than 3GB of data, but we are happy to say that these have been dropped.

It's now advertised as a 'no questions asked, risk-free, stress-free' money-back guarantee, so if you're unhappy, just send an email and ask for a refund.

In a previous review, we pointed out that PureVPN made a big deal of its 'zero log' policy, explaining that this meant the company didn't record what you did online.

But the small print said there was some session logging, which appeared to include the time you connect to a server, your incoming IP address and the total bandwidth used.

This isn't a minor detail. In October reports appeared of a man arrested on suspicion of conducting "an extensive cyberstalking campaign", in part based on PureVPN records showing that its services were accessed from originating IPs including the accused man's home and workplace.

The 'zero log' VPN kept some kind of logs, after all, and these were able to help connect internet actions to a specific account.

PureVPN sort of responded to this in a blog post, where the company pointed out that it didn't keep full logs, such as your browsing history, and its limited session logging had been fully detailed in the privacy policy.

This doesn't address the issue of why the company described itself as keeping 'zero logs' in the main part of the website, though, when this turned out not to be entirely true.

That's also not a trivial point. Logging policies are based almost entirely on trust, and a VPN isn't likely to be trusted if it's seen to mislead users or bury the reality of a situation in the small print.

The company has worked to address these issues, though. It began with the privacy policy, which now includes probably the most explicit no-logging sentence we've ever seen: 'We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.

While that's good news, there's no detailed information on the precise scope of the audit, or exactly what Altius IT examined. There's also no commitment to ongoing audits.

Contrast this with TunnelBear , which now does annual reviews covering apps, infrastructure and its website, and publishes detailed technical reports on for instance security issues found within the apps and how they've been addressed.

You can check out our guide to the most transparent VPNs available, instead. It does offer a well-priced, 3-day paid trial , though.

You can connect up to five devices simultaneously with PureVPN. There are apps available for all devices , including Smart TVs and gaming consoles. This is great in office environments, for example, where you need to connect to some services using your local IP.

I opened a live support chat to find out more about the encryption protocol the VPN uses for its streaming profile, since the website is very vague about it.

Unfortunately, this was a frustrating process. The support agent was polite, but did not read my question properly.

In fact, they just redirected me to the exact page I was asking them to explain. I then waited a few moments while, I assume, they were doing some research.

Their second answer was helpful , and resolved my query. PureVPN is straightforward and easy to use, but its app requires a lot of power to run. Running the app caused my computer to slow down to a frustrating pace.

It even froze my computer four times during an hour-long session. When getting started, it took less than five minutes to download and install the app.

Each profile is designed to optimize your connection for its intended use. If you select Popular Websites and enter the service you want to unblock, the app will recommend a series of servers that are best suited for that site.

You can also search for them manually by location. Overall, I found the app frustrating to use. All of the other physical servers are owned by PureVPN.

A choice of 13 different US city-level servers and four different Australia city-level servers means that PureVPN provides coast-to-coast coverage.

You can drill down to multiple cities in a number of countries:. It is compatible with seven Netflix libraries, including for:. Throughout our regular tests, we generally had no issues accessing popular streaming services through the dedicated servers, but on occasion we had to try a couple of different servers in order to gain access to our favorite shows.

It can be a fiddly process and involves a lot of manual configuration. For more reliable alternatives, take a look at the most reliable VPNs for China.

Additionally, you can use PureVPN on up to ten devices at any given time. This is a very generous amount, equalled by Hide. Streaming fans might like the fact the PureVPN also also comes with a Kodi add-on , which is very rare.

Been locked for the service for TWO years. Now is the time to change to another VPN service. From their homepage they are still claiming to be the best vpn to china for streaming, but in fact china server connection has being down for a long time and they just reply they are trying to resolve this "technical issue".

DO not subscript to purevpn if you are looking for china vpn connection. It is the cheapest in town, but not working at all so what the point if you are looking for the purpose.

I have had issues where the dedicated IP changed but was sorted quickly. I paid for a service for 12 months and then got advertising for PureVPN at a cheaper rate.

I challenged this and they extended my contract by 2 years. I used the live chat tonight and definitely got a real person.

Support tickets are answered quickly. I have no trouble on my android and occasionally have to change network type on my pc. Lately, I've been having Internet connectivity problems when connected to Purevpn.

I did, and in the background unseen to me, he opened a VPN connection. Then, wrote BYE in the chat window and disconnected the support chat without letting me know anything.

Was I to expect to use the VPN without firewall protection or antivirus? HTF should I know? I re-contacted support and wrote my experience and again writing the problem.

Support person forwarded me over to the same person that said BYE on the chat. I said NO, but they did it anyway.

I asked the original suport person what he expected me to know or do without him communicating it to me. He wrote that he had already established a VPN connection, which solved the problem and there was no reason for him to stay on the chat.

He then said that since the VPN connection worked, he no longer need to stay on the chat; it was fixed. I still didn't have Internet connectivity.

Stay away from PureVPN!!! I, like many other people got suckered into the 5-year promo. This service has never worked for me for more than a short period and then I have to endure going through the awful experience of contacting their Customer Support Team.

Them replying using the same script then follows and of course THE issue is never properly resolved. Such a waste of my money and even more annoyingly my time having to online chat to people in Hong Kong that have no idea how to fix the issue.

I got sucked into the five year deal. The request was not honored. Customer service is very poor and after 3 months I am still unable to play Netflix.

I spent quite a long time with customer support trying to get Netflix to work in my first day of service on a windows machine and an ipad. It would not work so I asked for a refund and they did not comply.

I tested several VPN software apps I found many did just did not work after specific tests were run by me. PIA did not work at all in terms of privacy.

I did request and receive a refund as the vpn has to work. PureVPN has several modes If you select the wrong mode Once you select the correct mode for your usage, you will have excellent results.

Select Streaming for streaming. Privacy for higher privacy. I agree PureVPN can seem slower That is when you report that proxy to PureVPN. I find it is not the VPN Webrtc etc.

Add in Spectre and Meltdown hacks It will work with Netflix for sure also AI algorithms used for blocking. Testing cloaking is working is essential before attempting Netflix as most websites use CDN providers which Also apply geolocation blocking heavily.

I have streamed internationally with PureVPN successfully. PureVPN gives 5 concurrent connections Android and IOS. I was actually blocked locally, within my country as the website believed I was within another country.

Only certain features of the website failed to load. This was because the NBN rollout was occurring nationally You do have to pay extra for the advanced features.

I agree with the misleading advertising of the extras. Overall, PureVPN works Lastly, I have no affiliation with PureVPN other than after the free trial, I purchased their service, once I tested and proved it worked well.

I would say I am a lot more technical than most. As an expat, I have many international internet requirements on an ongoing basis. I hope this helps others.

Port-Forward service is no longer included. It is now an addon that cost as much as the service itself. So they now have firewalled their ports and charge you double to open any of the ports again via their addon service.

I have to disagree with almost everything in this review. I have found PureVPN customer service really good. I've never had any issues with Netflix.

I have absolutely no leaking DNS or otherwise. I find the software stable. I subscribed to the three-year plan, there was a slight overlap with my previous plan which was refunded promptly and efficiently.

So not quite sure what this reviewers beef is Nord has been a reliable VPN for the last year of my subscription however, the system "timed out" when trying to connect to the US servers on New Year's eve.

This is a big problem. In addition, the available alternate servers worldwide have been drastically reduced. Not good! In 8 months of multiple tech support contacts per week they have never been able to get PureVPN to work for 3 days in a row.

Usually they cannot maintain a connection for 15 minutes at a time. Their customer support is worthless and they don't seem to care.

I was happy to see this, was beginning to think it was just me. I won't make that mistake again. You should also benefit from their superquick support and their servers located in countries.

More Info. Honesty and transparency — our two core values — make the internet a friendly place. Our reviews are written by users themselves, and are not influenced by VPN companies.

When you purchase a VPN, we sometimes earn affiliate commissions that support our work. Here is an explanation of exactly what we do and how to support our work.

Which VPN is better?

Really bad customer service. Excellent app, it works very well, i like how easy it is Saskatchewan Lotteries the location option. Yes PureVPN supports peer-to-peer Lottery Scratch Cards Secrets Uk, including torrenting. Craig says:. In diesen Fällen kann es hilfreich sein, einen Server auszuwählen, der für Sie das Heben übernimmt. PureVPN verwendet oft gemietete Server und man merkt auch, dass Wahrheit Oder Pflicht Ideen je nach aktueller Auslastung unterschiedliche Verhalten zeigen. Die Software ist ausreichend bis gut eingedeutscht. PureVPN Anwendungen. PureVPN was so impressive in our thorough testing that it's in our top three highest-rated VPNs. It sits behind rival NordVPN in our test results, but we'd recommend PureVPN above plenty of. Virtual Server Locations. To provide users with a reliable, secure, and fast connection, PureVPN makes use of virtual server locations. A number of our servers are virtual, and these have been clearly mentioned in the list of VPN servers above for your convenience. PureVPN Leak Protection Test. I performed the leak test of PureVPN using andbearmakes3.com and didn’t experience any leaks at all. IP leak test. First, I performed an IP leak test using the tool available on andbearmakes3.com As expected, PureVPN successfully passed the test, as the tool correctly identified the French IP address I was connected to. I didn't test NordVPN. I didn't test ExpressVPN. PureVPN is much slower than without using the VPN. eg. Up to 20 Mbps slower with download speeds. So if you are streaming, you do need a minimum speed for it to work after the VPN overhead. I have found some websites actively monitor for VPN servers and then blacklist the IP address. eg. PureVPN Review – Speed Test After conducting performance and speed tests while connected to PureVPN, it was clearly evident that the service provider is not taking any chances whatsoever, and does manage to provide exceptional speeds. US & UK Server Speed without PureVPN. Die wichtigsten Funktionen der besten VPNs, zusammengefasst in unserer Vergleichstabelle. Enjoy Complete Online Security. Remain Anonymous & Protected! Get access to any website. Find One Of The Best Alternatives To PureVPN. Compare & Choose The Best One For You. Finde hier den besten VPN für dich. Wir haben die besten von verglichen und getestet.
Purevpn Test 11/25/ · PureVPN Review & Test November - Surprisingly Better than Others. PureVPN is a premium service that operates 2,+ servers in + countries. It offers unlimited bandwidth, P2P compatibility, and high-end security features including military-level encryption and port forwarding. Even better, it can unblock Netflix/10(). PureVPN is one of the best names in the business. It goes beyond normal VPN capabilities with its added security tools, dubbed Ozone and Gravity. Plus, it has generous features that make it a more. 10/6/ · Use our Speed Test Tool to compare PureVPN’s speeds across different cities. Download speed without PureVPN: Mbps Download speed with PureVPN: Mbps.

Selbst Dresden Auszahlungen sind schnell Dresden. - Wirf einen Blick auf die besten 3 VPN-Alternativen

Also man kann dabei beim The Darling At The Star Sydney des Internets über den Browser seine IP-Adresse verändern, es werden damit aber NUR die Daten, welche direkt über den Browser gesendet und empfangen werden, beeinflusst. That's excellent value for such a feature-laden VPN. Jack Dresden - 2 months ago. Only certain features of the website failed to Ds Spiele Kostenlos Downloaden. Diese Möglichkeit besteht nicht beim Kauf über einen App-Store. Guess I should have known better. A user-friendly VPN, let down by some speed loss. The market is crowded with dozens of companies, all after your monthly subscription. PureVPN's solution might not be the most convenient, and it means you'll need to fire up a browser each time you want to binge on hours of TV or movies, but it's a small price to pay. See all Server Locations. I found that this VPN seem to be user-friendly 4 protection at first. So for now: it's broken again, and I'm going to leave it that way. I chose not to use PureVPN at the router level because as has been mentioned before sometimes speed is an issue. I was having a lot of frustrations with the Google Chrome and adding extensions. I spent over 4 hours of Washingtonstr. 57 time with their tech support to complete set up. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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