Spider Man Revelations

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Spider Man Revelations

Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2: Revelations T by Straczynski, J. Michael bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele. Straczynski, M: Amazing Spider-man Vol Revelations: "Revelations" and "Until the Stars Turn Cold" (Amazing Spider-Man S) von Straczynski, Michael J. beim. The amazing Spider-Man 2.) Peter Parker - Spider-Man 75 + Revelations Trade Paperback. Herkunftsland: USA. Story-Titel: 1.) Enthüllungen (Teil 3 von 4​).

Spider-man: Revelations

Spider-Man: Revelations | Dezago, Todd, DeFalco, Tom, MacKie, Howard, Dematteis, J. M., Ross, Luke, Skroce, Steve, Wieringo, Mike, Larosa, Bud, Hanna,​. Straczynski, M: Amazing Spider-man Vol Revelations: "Revelations" and "Until the Stars Turn Cold" (Amazing Spider-Man S) von Straczynski, Michael J. beim. Alles über The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2: Revelations von J. Michael Straczynski. LibraryThing ist eine Webseite, mit der man seine Bücher verwalten und.

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Marvel Knights: Spider-Man - Episode 5 \

However, Seward manages to flee the scene by hopping into a subway train. It's Etoro GebГјhren Auszahlung credit to Straczynski and Marvel's editors that this holds up so well, it's measured, yet moving, not jingoistic or militaristic, but honest and impassioned on a human level. He can do what's right, which for most Betat Casino is the hardest thing to do. Spider-Man: Revelations. Paperback – October 1, by Todd Dezago (Author), Tom DeFalco (Author), Howard MacKie (Author), J. M. Dematteis (Author), Luke Ross (Illustrator), Steve Skroce (Illustrator), Mike Wieringo (Illustrator), Bud Larosa (Illustrator), Scott Hanna (Illustrator), John Romita (Illustrator) & 7 more.4,6/5(4). Spider-Man Revelations Juega AHORA en ️ tragamonedascom Sin descargar Sin registro Sin depósito Solo los mejores juegos de CASINO — Spider-Man Revelations. 1/8/ · My review of Spider-Man revelations Brilliant book great continued story brilliant series of comics would suggest to comic lovers of the amazing Spider-Man homecoming Yolo. flag Like · see review. May 27, amy rated it it was amazing. Shelves: comix. 1. i love 4,2/5.

Jonah Jameson Ken Ellis Liz Allan Lou Snider Mary Jane Norman Osborn Normie Osborn Robbie Robertson Sergeant Tork Shirley Lewis Spider-Girl Parker Spider-Man.

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The paramedics on the scene realize that this isn't natural and could spell trouble for the pregnant woman and her unborn child. In Queens, Spider-Man finally pins Gaunt to the ground and gets a good look at his restored face.

He instantly recognizes him as Mendel Stromm -- the man that Spider-Man once fought years ago. By this point, Peter has discovered that the children in his care are actually robots and manages to escape the deathtrap and rejoins Ben.

As they are surrounded by Mendel Stromm and his creations, Peter receives a notification from his mobile device and realizes that Mary Jane is in serious trouble.

Revelations continue in Amazing Spider-Man Revelations continues from Sensational Spider-Man Mary Jane is being wheeled into the emergency room after she started undergoing painful labor while at the Daily Grind.

With her is her Aunt Anna, who tries to comfort the pregnant woman who is afraid that something is happening to her unborn child. They are joined by Doctor Folsome, who tells Mary Jane that his regular doctor cannot be reached and he will be looking after her from this moment on.

Also at the hospital is Daily Bugle photographer Angela Yin, who recognizes the Parker woman, as she snaps a photo of the scene Angela wonders why her husband Peter isn't here with her.

At that very moment, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are fighting for their lives at the ruins of Midtown High as they are attacked by Gaunt and an army of robots fashioned to look like children.

Peter is all too aware that Anna has been trying to get ahold of him, but can't pull himself away from the battle.

However, Gaunt is intent on killing the wall-crawler and Peter doesn't think Ben will survive if he leaves and insists on staying.

By this time, Angela Yin has called Joe Robertson at the Daily Bugle to tell him about Mary Jane's condition at the hospital.

After hearing this, he relays the news to Glory Grant, and feels awful for Peter after everything that has happened to him recently.

Back at Midtown, Spider-Man and Peter Parker continue to fight against Gaunt and his robot army.

While Ben destroys two of Gaunt's plastoid robots, Peter takes down the robots that have been fashioned to look like children.

While at the hospital, Doctor Folsome and his team of doctors help Mary Jane through a very complicated and painful delivery. As she strains to give birth to her daughter, Mary Jane is unaware that a mysterious figure is watching from the operating theater above.

Satisfied that everything is going exactly as planned, the mystery man then leaves to carry out the next phase of his plan.

At Midtown, Peter manages to come across a telephone that still works and calls Anna to check in on Mary Jane.

As he fights off the rest of the robots, he tells Anna that he has been stuck in a subway car. Learning that Mary Jane is having a difficult delivery and the doctors are concerned, Peter assures her that he will get there as soon as possible, saying that nothing will keep him from getting to his wife.

Meanwhile, at the 28th Precinct, Detective Connor Trevan interrupts his colleagues, Francis Tork and Lou Sneider, to introduce them to Arthur Stacy, the brother of the late George Stacy.

Arthur tells the officers that he has called a meeting with them because the man who murdered his brother has not been brought to justice and wishe to speak to them all because of their occasional association with Spider-Man.

At that same moment, Spider-Man continues to dodge Gaunt's attack. Having just learned that he is Mendel Stromm, the wall-crawler asks how he managed to survive his brush with death and who his mysterious employer is.

With Spider-Man at his mercy, Gaunt decides to tell him something about the wall-crawler's old friend Seward Trainer.

Gaunt then tries to blast the two Spider-Men with knock out gas, but is surprised when it doesn't work. While back at the Daily Bugle, J.

Jonah Jameson asks Joe Robertson what he knows about a surprise board meeting that has been called as well as an impromptu Halloween party organized for the staff.

Joe doesn't know what the meeting is about but reminds Jonah that the staff could use a morale boost after the recent round of layoffs.

He also suggests to Jonah that there won't be a disaster if the paper shuts down for a few hours so the staff can have some fun. As he says this, he is unaware that the men setting up decorations in the bullpen is also putting out jack-o-lanterns that are rigged with explosives.

Back at the scene of the battle, Spider-Man continues launching attacks at Gaunt, demanding to know what he knows about Seward Trainer.

Gaunt explains that Trainer was just another pawn that was used to manipulate Reilly and that once his usefulness was over he was killed.

Hearing how his best friend was murdered, Spider-Man loses his temper and begins ripping apart Gaunt's cybernetic armor. However, he stops short of killing Gaunt, reminding himself that he isn't a heartless killer like the Punisher.

With the battle over, Spider-Man tells Peter to get going so he can be there when his daughter is born. Having destroyed the last of Gaunt's robots, Parker doesn't argue and bounds away.

With Stromm disarmed, Spider-Man then begins demanding answers when he is suddenly blasted by someone standing behind him. Spider-Man instantly recognizes who this man is and can't believe it as he believed them to be dead.

With Spider-Man down, the mystery employer reminds Gaunt what happens when his minions fail him and blast Gaunt as well.

At the hospital, Mary Jane gives the final push to give birth to her baby. When she doesn't hear the baby crying, Mary Jane asks what is wrong with her baby.

That's when Doctor Folsome begins making his apologies, making Mary Jane realize that he baby didn't survive.

As she cries one of the nurses, who turns out to be a woman by the name of Alison Mongrain removes her surgical mask and wheels a car out of the operating room.

She later drives her car out to the waterfront where she meets with her mystery employer. Confirming that she has brought the package she was hired to bring, the man pays her a sizable amount of money and puts her on a private boat that is to take her to Europe with a generous bonus to cover her travel expenses.

Revelations concludes in Spider-Man 75 and Spider-Man: Revelations 1. This story is mostly a reprint of Spider-Man 75 , with fourteen additional pages added to expand on the story.

Subsequent reprints of Spider-Man 75 particularly digital editions include these 14 pages. For the purposes of the Marvel Database, this page serves to specify the additional pages, as well as provide an accurate chronology of the characters.

Now [Continuity 1]. The Green Goblin has just beaten Ben Reilly and Peter Parker. With Parker hanging outside the building by a web-line, the Green Goblin begins flying toward the Daily Bugle building.

Ben Reilly tries to get back up to help Peter, but he is still too weak. His mind then drifts back to earlier that night when he was at the mercy of Norman Osborn.

Ben had just been blasted by Norman Osborn who then loads Reilly onto a helicopter. The whole time Norman mocked Spider-Man, calling him a clone.

The two Spider-Men soon decide to work together, but one is seemingly killed by the same bomb that kills the Jackal.

The surviving Spider-Man determines he is the original because he is in love with Mary Jane Watson , which did not happen until after Professor Warren created the clone.

Spider-Man drops the body of the clone into an incinerator. Gwen Stacy's clone disappears to find a new life for herself.

The Amazing Spider-Man , the climactic installment of the original Clone Saga, leaves it ambiguous whether it is the original Spider-Man or his clone who perishes in the bomb explosion.

Conway said this ambiguity was unintentional, as at the time he took it as a given that Marvel would never replace the star of The Amazing Spider-Man with a clone.

A few years later, Spider-Man encountered Carrion , who claimed to be a degenerated clone of Warren. The clone of Gwen Stacy reappeared many years later when she was being pursued by the High Evolutionary , who was determined to discover how Warren had been able to perfect cloning.

In the process, he discovered that Warren had not, but had instead created a genetic virus which transformed already living beings into supposed clones of other people.

It was claimed that the Gwen clone was really a woman named Joyce Delany who was seemingly cured of the virus and left to lead her own life once more.

More years passed before Spider-Man's clone reappeared. He had survived the battle and for five years had lived an existence under the name Ben Reilly a combination of Peter's Uncle Ben 's first name and Aunt May 's maiden name , and develops a superhero identity of his own as the Scarlet Spider after returning to New York City.

A series of chaotic events followed, in which Peter and Ben were plagued by both a resurrected Jackal and by Kaine , who was an unsuccessful first clone of Spider-Man.

In the process, another clone of Spider-Man became the villain Spidercide. Matters were further confused by the interventions of the mysterious and seemingly all-powerful Judas Traveller and Scrier.

The revelations made by the High Evolutionary were revealed to have been inaccurate, driven by a determination to discredit Warren, who had formerly worked with him.

Medical tests indicated Peter was actually the clone and Ben the original. Peter temporarily retired as Spider-Man, leaving the mantle of Spider-Man to Ben while he prepared for his new role as a father after the discovery that Mary Jane was pregnant; Peter even lost his powers for a time during his 'retirement', although they eventually came back after a near-death experience.

The climax revealed that Peter, Ben, the Jackal, Judas Traveller and many others had all been manipulated for years by Norman Osborn, a.

Osborn said Peter was the original—having faked the evidence that revealed Peter's status as the clone as part of a plan to break Peter's spirit—a claim that was confirmed when Ben died saving Peter's life and his body degenerated like any other clone's.

Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal February explains the Green Goblin's role in the entire storyline. During the mids, Marvel consistently published four monthly Spider-Man series, roughly one every week.

For the most part, the Spider-titles were treated during this storyline as a single weekly series, although occasionally they would separate, pair off, or have special anniversary editions.

The Clone Saga ran through all four titles from October to December , in addition to a multitude of spin-offs, one-shots, and ancillary issues.

The relevant issues are:. Furthermore, all five titles were temporarily renamed with "Scarlet Spider" in place of "Spider-Man" for two months, in imitation of the X-Men's " Age of Apocalypse " story arc, with Web of Scarlet Spider continuing for an additional two months after the other titles returned.

In a re-release was scheduled, now titled Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga. Originally, The Osborn Journal was to be included. Instead, Peter Parker: Spider-Man 75 has 14 bonus pages.

The first seven show Ben fighting briefly with Norman Osborn, set during Amazing Spider-Man The second seven show Peter and Mary Jane mourning over the loss of Ben Reilly and baby May, which has Spider-Man dumping Ben's ashes in the river.

The bonus pages are drawn by John Romita Jr. Marvel reprinted the second saga's entire run in large TPBs titled Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic.

As of December , five volumes collecting between 12 and 19 issues each have been released. After the fifth volume, the reprint series was retitled Spider-Man: The Complete Ben Reilly Epic and began with The Return Of Spider-Man arc and Reilly's tenure as Spider-Man.

As mentioned above, a re-release of the original s storyline was released in summer , [ needs update ] bridging the Clone Saga and Ben Reilly Epic s.

The second Clone Saga sprang from Marvel Comics 's determination to produce a strong Spider-Man "event" story that would rival DC Comics ' " The Death of Superman " and " Batman: Knightfall ," both of which sold extremely well.

Spider-Man editor Mark Bernardo said "Marching orders we were given by upper management to come up with something similar in scope to DC's "Death of Superman" storyline, which at the time was breaking sales records left and right.

Thus, no outrageous idea was out of bounds. Terry Kavanagh was cajoled into blurting out his clone idea, which first met with groans and indifference, until someone to my recollection, J.

DeMatteis suddenly realized the radical possibilities of such a storyline. Howard Mackie revealed "When the story was begun we knew it would be controversial, and that was part of the point.

Bernardo added that the length of the arc was initially planned to be short, "The whole arc was supposed to end in Amazing Spider-Man , and leave 'Ben Reilly' as the one and only 'original Peter Parker' and forge a new beginning.

The whole storyline was supposed to simplify Spider-Man's mythos and ultimately bring him "back to basics.

Although the readers had been getting clues about a mysterious figure with links to Peter Parker in the issues leading up to the story, the starting point for the second Clone Saga was the end of Spectacular Spider-Man Sept , written by Tom DeFalco and Todd Dezago , in which Spider-Man was confronted by an exact look-alike of himself.

The writers set up the possibility that the clone could be the real Spider-Man. Additionally, he became known as the super-hero the Scarlet Spider , complete with a unique costume.

According to established Spider-Man assistant editor Glenn Greenberg "No one—not the writers, not the editors—seemed to know who or what the hell Judas Traveller was.

He was seemingly this immensely powerful, quasi-mystical being with amazing abilities, but what was the real deal with him? But to be honest, a character like Traveller didn't really fit into Spider-Man's world.

Tom DeFalco came up with the idea of making Spider-Man's wife Mary Jane pregnant, feeling it would be a dramatic event that would help set up the saga's ultimate resolution.

Bob Budiansky became editor-in-chief on the Spider-Man line. By then, the writers had established a new villain, Kaine. To prove that he was dangerous, the writers had him killing classic Spider-Man foes, including Doctor Octopus , with his corpse shown to rule out any possibility that he would return.

Then, the creative staff brought back the Jackal, the original culprit of the clones. DeMatteis, and part written by Todd DeZago and Howard Mackie, Jackal gave readers doubt and suspicion by stating that Peter was the clone, followed by a reverse statement, and then assessing them as both being clones of an original; because of this, the story was considered convoluted.

It was this story that kicked off what would become an increasingly tiresome stream of clones, lies upon lies, fake-outs, and convoluted twists and turns.

At this point, the creative staff, seemingly without strict direction, inserted a lot of open plot points waiting to be resolved, such as Ben Reilly worrying about "degeneration" of his body due to cloning, why Kaine was protecting Spider-Man but preying on Ben Reilly, why Ben and Spider-Man shared dreams, why Kaine was foreseeing Mary Jane's death, who the mysterious new character Seward Trainer was as well as the identity of the "Third Peter Parker", a.

With a plethora of writers and editors, the storyline was initiated throughout all the regular Spider-Man series, but slowly grew out of control.

The sales department requested extensions to the storyline, buoyed up by very strong sales on the book at a time when most other comics were experiencing a noticeable decline.

With this extension, the storyline outlived several key creative staff and many decisions on the eventual direction of the storyline were changed.

With Amazing Spider-Man , in a controversial decision, the writers ended the life of Spider-Man's aunt May Parker , a major supporting character since At the conclusion of the story arc "The Trial of Peter Parker" in Spectacular Spider-Man , Peter is revealed by Dr.

Seward Trainer as the clone of Ben. Peter retired as Spider-Man based on this premise and moved to Portland to live with Mary Jane, allowing Ben to take over as Spider-Man.

This resulted in a major backlash by fans that wrote letters to Marvel with various complaints. Goletz said that the next chapter in the saga was to "begin the new era of Spider-Man.

Peter and Mary Jane would be written out of the books, and sent off to live in peace with their soon-to-be-born child. Ben would get the chance to establish himself as Spider-Man and move forward.

Going into the planning stages for what would turn out to be 'Maximum Clonage', the intent was indeed to finish up the clone story line once and for all and quickly get Ben started as Spider-Man.

Instead of tying up loose ends, the story was changed in such a way that practically every issue brought up new clones. Instead of being killed, the Gwen Stacy clone was allowed to slip away unnoticed.

The story arc was heavily criticized for its undefined character motives, and an apparent lack of distinction between villains, heroes, and their allies.

Following the end of "Maximum Clonage", the creative staff launched revamps of established villains a new female Doctor Octopus , a new Vulture , and the Grim Hunter , the son of Kraven the Hunter , without much success.

DeMatteis resigned out of creative weariness with the saga's repeated extensions, later likening the work to "writing chapter two of a multi-part story month after month".

This was a great issue, and had very little action, just character driven dialogue. However, this book is done a great disservice by a forthcoming book in the series titled "One More Day" where it is effectively erased from existence.

Everyone forgets Peter's identity except for Mary Jane, so presumably this whole discussion is forgotten about, and they're back to lying to each other.

Good read by itself, marred by further plot development. Jul 09, Norman rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics. Super non-Spider-Man volume.

Lots of heart with still enough humor thrown in to feel Spider-Man-like. Jun 21, Jamie Poff rated it it was amazing. JMS really does a fantastic job with the writing, particularly in the first issue 36 of AMS V2 , and the contrasting silent issue sets off the entire arc as a piece of comic art.

Jul 28, Xavier Guillaume rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Spider-man fans, Marvel fans, literature fans. Shelves: graphic-novel.

The art in this volume is amazing. I love how much emotion you can see on the characters' faces, especially on Peter and Aunt May.

Because this book is jam-packed full of emotion, the emotion through the art is pivotal, and this book surely does not disappoint. Issue 36 is about the attack on the Twin Towers.

It's a sad, emotionally-charged issue given the material it is covering. It's solemn, and poetic. Perhaps this issue is not pertinent to the overall Spider-Man story, but it is important fo The art in this volume is amazing.

Perhaps this issue is not pertinent to the overall Spider-Man story, but it is important for New Yorkers, especially to those who experienced the catastrophe first hand, and perhaps its important for all Americans in general.

I can't help but think that this issue is like a historical archive. Perhaps years from now, people will read this issue and they will be able to catch a glimpse of how people thought and felt about this terrible tragedy.

Issue 37 is my favorite issue of the book. In it we see Peter's sensitive and parental side. There is definitely something charming about his persona.

It's remarkable how he always knows how to do the right thing. For most, it's incredibly hard to know what to do. Life often hurls us into situations where we have to choose between two terrible choices.

Perhaps because Peter has experienced so much, and has faced the hardest dangers, he can choose and not be afraid.

He can do what's right, which for most people is the hardest thing to do. In that, I can't help but feel drawn to this issue. Peter Parker is a humanitarian.

A quality I both admire and strive to be. If anything, I hope this issue could be an inspiration for others, that perhaps someone would read this issue and feel impassioned to be like Parker: take action, help others, and never be afraid.

Issue 38 was a complete surprise. In it Aunt May confronts Peter with the secret she knows. I had no idea how she would react.

I actually thought the complete opposite would turn up. This surprise threw me, and the outcome filled me with emotion.

Like I said, this is an emotionally-charged novel, which I applaud the authors for undertaking and succeeding in.

In Issue 39 we have a completely textless issue. The entire issue is silent, but even still I felt strongly attached to what was going on, and I felt greatly enraptured by the story.

I'm usually not a fan of image-only comics. Most feel detached, disjointed, confusing; however, this one was none of those things. It was as good of quality as any of the other issues in the novel, which I have to commend the authors for.

All in all, I strongly recommend reading this book. I'm curious where the franchise is leading, and I can't wait to read the next one.

I also want to note, that even though these issues are sad, touching, emotional, there are still clever jokes interspersed throughout. I couldn't help but laugh out loud in even the most surprising parts.

Spider-Man always has a witty sense of humor, and I'm glad that they decided to include this aspect of him in the novel.

There's nothing like the feeling of anxiety, and then the next moment you're laughing. Some may think that type of juxtaposition sounds absurd, but I think there is something strangely human about experiencing the wide gamut of emotions in just a few moments.

That rollercoaster of feelings, that's what life is, and I like that these issues emulate that. Mar 20, Wing Kee rated it really liked it.

Quiet moments are the best. World: The art is great, Romita Jr. The world building is also solid with characters being the core.

It's simple it's intimate and it's so needed to make the story and world mean so much more. The other 3 issues were phenomenonal.

Intimate, character driven and deep. It's these quiet moments which I cherish the most and something that is often missing in superhero books.

The breather issues are vital to make the world and the character real and it is done so well here. Characters: Absolutely fantastic.

Peter and May and their issue long discussion builds relationship and character as does the MJ issue. It's so good.

Onward to the next book! Oct 29, Subham rated it really liked it. It makes you feel bad as to what happened and even heroes can fail but promises we will come stronger than this.

Next one is Aunt may dealing with finding out the identity of Peter as Spidey and wow that was an emotional one but when she finally has that talk with Peter maybe one of the single greatest Spidey moments ever and in other one we have Pete helping out her students who lives in a slum and just showing how Pete is one of the greatest human beings ever and also hints at "The Shade".

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Hinweis: Bestimmte Zahlungsmethoden werden in der Kaufabwicklung nur bei hinreichender Bonität des Käufers angeboten. Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Revelations | Straczynski, J. Michael | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Spider-Man: Revelations | Dezago, Todd, DeFalco, Tom, MacKie, Howard, Dematteis, J. M., Ross, Luke, Skroce, Steve, Wieringo, Mike, Larosa, Bud, Hanna,​. Spider-man: Revelations von Dezago, Todd bei andbearmakes3.com - ISBN - ISBN - Marvel Comics - - Softcover. Straczynski, M: Amazing Spider-man Vol Revelations: "Revelations" and "Until the Stars Turn Cold" (Amazing Spider-Man S) von Straczynski, Michael J. beim. In Act Three, Peter would triumphantly return as the one, true Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Kostenlose Spiele Flipper Lost Years 3. They come into conflict with Steam Kisten, who escapes and is chased by Ben as Peter goes to the hospital. At the conclusion of the story arc "The Trial Kreuzwort ZahlenrГ¤tsel Hilfe Peter Parker" in Spectacular Spider-ManPeter is revealed by Dr. Start your review of The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. Rating details. According to established Spider-Man El Gordo Lottery editor Glenn Greenberg "No one—not the Salzburg Schokolade, not the editors—seemed to know who or what the hell Judas Traveller was. Perhaps this issue is not Farm Spiele Kostenlos Herunterladen to the overall Spider-Man story, but it is important fo The art in this volume is amazing. The Jackal blames Spider-Man for Gwen's death and wants to kill him. As a result, the Spider-Man group was unable to proceed with any conclusion to the saga, despite agreement among both writers and editors that it should end as soon as possible. Budiansky and Greenberg Keno Zahlen Von Heute out the storyline with plans for publication in April He also suggests to Jonah that there won't be a disaster if the paper shuts down for a few hours so the staff can have Jumbolotto Gutschein fun. I read comics all through junior high school, but fell out of it during Spidey's clone saga stuff. This story is mostly a reprint of Spider-Man 75with fourteen additional pages added to expand on the story. Kaine tells the mastermind he has the baby, who remarks that it will be raised overseas. PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #75 0. "Revelations" conclusion. This comic by far is my favorite comic of all time. It's written by Howard Mackie and drawn by the great John Romita Jr. This storyline should have been straight up the single greatest event in Marvel comics, the revelation of Spider-Man's identity, finally, to the woman who is arguably the most important woman in his life - his Aunt May. Unfortunately, it was circumvented by the greatest tragedy to befall New York City - the Septembe. Revelations concludes in Spider-Man #75 and Spider-Man: Revelations #1. Appearing in "The Night of the Goblin!" New Material Only Featured Characters: Spider-Man (Parker) [Chronology 1] Supporting Characters: Spider-Man (Reilly) [Chronology 2] Antagonists: Green Goblin [Chronology 3] Other Characters: Mary Jane Watson-Parker Aunt Anna Shirley Washington. Notes: When Spider-Man #75 was reprinted in Spider-Man: Revelations #1, an additional 13 pages were included. Subsequent reprints of Spider-Man #75 include these additions. Characters that only appear in the supplement material do not have links to their pages and are listed in italics. For the appropriate chronology of those characters, please refer to Spider-Man: Revelations #1 Featured. The framing of Spider-Man is not new to Mysterio, his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man No. 13 has him proclaiming to be a hero that will stop Spider-Man from committing more crimes, crimes that Mysterio himself engineered as a fake Spider-Man. Jameson also teams up with the villain and goes all in on the anti-Spider-Man propaganda. Der sensationelle Spider-Man Panini. Wir sind der Meinung, dass Bücher nicht nur Sportwetten Einzahlen Per Lastschrift gelesen werden oder nur einen einzigen Besitzer gehabt haben sollten. Verwandte Triple Bayern zu Spider-man: Revelations. Vollständige Widerrufsbelehrung.
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